Guest Activities

Traditional Balinese Costume

Dress up in the exotic Balinese traditional costume with your family or partner and have your picture taken as a memory of your Balinese beach resort holiday in the island of the Gods. Price is USD 10 per two persons and you will get a CD of the photographs results. Contact one of the friendly Guest Relations Officer at extension 40/41 from your in-house phone to arrange your Balinese photo shoots, a fun activity to do while spending time at Bali beach resort.

Jamu Traditional Spa Demonstration

A short presentation from the team of Jamu Traditional Spa is available every Saturday at 14.00 hrs to 15.00 hrs. After the presentation, guests are welcome to delight in the signature treatments at Jamu Traditional Spa premise within the green beach resort.

Wood Carving

One of the famous Balinese artworks is the wood carvings that can be seen in almost every corner of Bali. Watch our artists working on their wood carving every Monday to Saturday at 08.30 hrs to 11.00 at the Lobby.

Fruit Carving

Balinese are very expressive to do arts, fruit carving is the most popular one. To accompany you during breakfast, we proudly present our kitchen artist in fruit carving every Monday & Thursday, from 8:00 am to 10:00 am at Bunga Kelapa Restaurant.

Fun Cooking Class

As one of the classes for fun, Cooking Class at Bunga Kelapa Restaurant every Monday and Thursday from 14.00hrs to 15.00 hrs is a cultural experience worth trying for. Participate in cooking classes for fun and become your own food connoisseur. It is the most fun activities for the food lovers with supervision from the chefs at Alam Kulkul.

Jambangan Demonstration

Are you an art fan? Must try this activity, art decorate flowers above the water pot “Jembangan” decorate according to your mood. Every morning in our loby you can show and learn the demonstration at 09.00 hrs.