Positive comment for our NEW facilities

ALAMKULKUL Boutique resort is happy to announce phase I of our refurbishment program and we are delighted to have received very positive feedback from our guests both old and new. The refurbishment itself has taken into account the feedback we receive from our Guest Comment cards. Come and enjoy the new main pool, bar and […]

Calendar of Events

OCTOBER 04. Tilem Sasih Katiga (Balinese 3rd New Moon) 15. Hari Raya Idul Adha 1434 Hijriyah 19. Purnama Sasih Kapat (Balinese 4th Full Moon) 22. Hari Penampahan Galungan (Eve of Balinese Ceremonial Holiday) 23. Hari Raya Galungan (Celebration Day of Victory of God over Evil) 24. Hari Umanis Galungan (A day for asking and giving […]

Bartender Creation

      STRAWBERRY MINT ROSCA Crushed Fresh Strawberry, Mint Leaf and Sugar Shaken with Arak, Peppermint Liqueur and Pineapple Juice, Served Over Crushed Ice.         ARAK SUNSET A Tropical Combination of Arak, Orange Juice and Grenadine Syrup, top up with Soda Water.         ARAK B’REM A Refreshing Mix […]

Our Dining Experience

   BEBEK BETUTU Roasted Duck in Banana Leaves served with White Rice and Pickles Vegetables         BUNTUT BAKAR Grilled Beef Ox-tail with Garlic Sweet Soy Sauce served with Beef Broth, Vegetables and White Rice         FILLET STEAK Imported Beef Tenderloin with Mushroom or Black Pepper Sauce       […]