Odalan Ceremony

Odalan Ceremony at AlamKulkul Boutique Resort.

In Bali every village has at least three major temples, and there are some kinds of community religious activities going on. Aside from the village temple festivals, every household compound’s family temple (mrajan/sanggah) also has its ceremony called Odalan. At AlamKulkul Boutique Resort, we do also have our own temple and we just celebrated the Odalan day on the last 3 November 2017.

Most of the things we did on Odalan day was praying and giving the offerings. The offering consisting of fruits, rice cakes and flowers and brought in on women’s heads and placed at strategic points around the temple. These are blessed with holy water by the temple Pedanda or priest. The pilgrims then pray, are blessed with and drink holy water and then take the offerings home to share with their families.

Some of our guests also join the Odalan ceremony at AlamKulkul Boutique Resort and they comment that they enjoy it so much as they have the new real experience as Balinese. The togetherness, sharing and caring among the staff, management and the guests had made them feels like AlamKulkul Boutique Resort as their second home in Bali.

Staff and Management of AlamKulkul Boutique Resort are looking forward to see you in next Odalan Ceremony next year on 2018.